Ya Can’t Get There from Here

My day started with protest.  I was tired and didn’t sleep well because of someone snoring again.  The decision to sleep a half hour later than usual and take the second train is pretty useless when the snorer keeps trying to wake me up every five minutes, then comes back after his shower, lays down and starts snoring again.  It really and truly makes my blood boil.  Not for nothing, but I’m  not the one who has to be told and reminded to wake up or I’ll miss my train.  I get myself going with no help from anyone.  I’m not late, I was born this way.

Though tired, I was in a good mood because my hair, makeup and outfit all looked good.  I wore a new skirt for the first time, a pretty floral skirt with pinks, purples and white, a pink lace-trimmed cami with a black cardigan and pink flip flops.  I looked so cute and kept comfy in the heat outside and in the AC indoors. 

Of course my morning was marred by the perpetual fuck-up that is NJ Transit.  Found out later on there was some sort of gas leak by Elizabeth.  One of my co-workers was on that train and never made it in.  I’m sure I’ll hear her flapping about that for 20 minutes tomorrow morning.

Something that made my day awesome was downloading Pandora radio app for my iPhone.  Today I listened to “Today’s Hits” station and my “All-American Rejects” station.  Good stuff that kept me going throughout the day.  I had a productive day at work, finishing a project that I was pleased with and doing some other odds and ends in there as they came up.  I stayed late today, late on late, just so I could finish this project.  For the rest of the summer, I’ll be working till six daily so that I get every other Friday off.  So that means this week is a THREE-DAY WORK WEEK FOR ME.  YEAH BITCH YEAH. 

I didn’t mind staying late today since I’d been getting transit alerts to my phone since rush hour began that NJ Transit had delays yet again.  Sigh.  I’d contemplated taking the PATH train to Newark to get my connection, but then saw that my 2nd train had delays as well, so nothing mattered.  I can’t get anywhere on time, who cares.  By the time the boyfriend and I got home, no one was going to defrost anything to cook so it’s a pizza night and as many episodes of Law & Order SVU that I can stand.

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