Things That Scare Me

Everyone has some kind of phobia, right?  There’s something that gets everyone, and most things are normal.  Spiders are common.  I’m afraid of spiders and most bugs.  Then I realized I am afraid of some things that are not your average fear.  I’ll share them with you so you know how to fuck with me. 

1.  Spiders.
2.  Bridges
3.  Flying

Those are the “normal” fears.  I think… I don’t know if a fear of being on a bridge is that common, but it’s more the heights that get me, I think… high bridges, tall bridges with lots of cables above me or high bridges over water.  It just makes me think for one hot minute “what if I have a seizure or freak out or someone hits me and I go flying off the side of the bridge into the great beyond??”  Everytime I drive over a bridge, especially the Pulaski Skyway, I white-knuckle it the whole time and tell myself in my head “you can do this.”

Stranger things that I’m afraid of…..

  • Statues that Come to Life

 This isn’t something I’m actively afraid of… worrying if a statue will come to life.  But if I see it in a movie, I’m reminded how much I hate this.  That was kind of the catalyst for this post.  Last night, Mike & I saw the Harry Potter movie, and even though Professor McGonagall used the statues for good, they still scare me.  Statues should not come to life.

  • Alien Abduction 

I’ve watched X-Files since I was a kid and have seen way too many TV specials and documentaries about all-things-alien.  It’s an interest of mine because it scares me.   Since I was very young, probably 7 years old, I can remember having nightmares about “space men in space suits floating next to my bed” (I had a bunk bed).  I’d be paralyzed and couldn’t yell for help as the space men looked me over.  This made me recently start wondering if it’s just the sort of thing a child’s mind can run away with or if maybe I was abducted and don’t know it?  I’m NOT a crazy person, I swear… but I really don’t want to get abducted by aliens.

  • Scary Videogames

When I was a kid, I didn’t like when my dad or brother played Zelda and he had to go into the dungeons or castle or whatever… the music scared me.  The video game Zombies Ate My Neighbors scared me.  It also bothered me that there was NEVER an end to that game!  The levels just kept going and going, repeating themselves with no hope of any end in sight.  Video games that are too suspenseful or stressful bother me and get me all strung out.

  • TV Static

Probably because of Poltergeist.  

  • Records or CDs skipping

There’s something haunting about the sound of a record skipping…. I can’t even pinpoint why this puts me on pins and needles.

  • The beeping sound a phone makes when you leave it off the hook

Because obviously something has gone wrong if you just dropped the phone and ran.  This sound is like the background noise to me running from a murderer in my house.

I’m not googling one damn picture for this post because I know they will scare me. 

3 Responses to “Things That Scare Me”

  1. Kizzy

    Wow, I’m so brave compared to you! 😉

  2. redpaperumbrella

    Statues that come to life – I was never scared of this but there is an episode of Dr. Who (I know, nerd, whatever) where there are these angel statues that move every time you blink. They are FUCKING TERRIFYING. Here is a pic of one if you dare.

  3. Nadine

    omg wendy, would you believe that is literally the ONLY episode of Dr. Who I’ve ever seen?? Landed on that while flipping channels.


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