Things My Boyfriend Says

It should go without saying that I love my boyfriend.  Mike is wonderful.  He gets me, most of the time, and we both have a lot of the same strange things in common.  This isn’t a post about why I love him, though.  That’s private.  As smart and wonderful as he is, sometimes he says weird things that I do not understand.  Or sometimes he says funny and terrible things that are awesome.  I feel like Things My BF Says could be a regular feature.

so…. thirsty….

The other day, I was pouring a glass of water and he sees me and calls out “DON’T DRINK ALL THE WATER!” I was getting water from the Brita pitcher, which is filtered tap water.  We’re not going to run out.  The water comes from the sink.  If I do “drink all the water” from the pitcher, no one has to carry two buckets on a stick down to the well.  It’s right there.

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