There Is No Interview and There Never Was



Recently, Sony Studios was hacked.  Maybe by North Korea, we just don’t know.  This led to terrorists (maybe North Korea?) threatening any moviegoers and theaters that would show this movie on it’s release date on Christmas day.  Many major cinema chains decided to pull the movie and not show it out of fear of attack,  And rightfully so, as a movie massacre isn’t the kind of blood anyone wants on their hands for the sake of “not letting the terrorists win”.  The threat had compared the potential attack to the likes of 9/11, and that is a threat people take seriously, hashtag never4get.

I have a controversial theory though that this movie… never existed.  Sure it was leaked online, but I didn’t see it, so if I didn’t see it, then it’s not real (see: object permanence).  The premise of the movie was so meta, and James Franco is a living, breathing enigma of performance art that I would not be surprised if there was no interview movie.  Call me crazy, but this is the same guy who made the “art” of him having jizzed on a Batman mask, so anything’s possible.

art, I guess.

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