Teach me how to Science

This conversation actually happened.  I told Jaclyn that “these mini cupcakes are as tiny as a molecule,” and that is what spawned my thoughtful pursuit in the name of science to try to learn more about physics…. so I asked my boyfriend some questions, he’s smart…. right?

me: mike
 Michael: nadine
me: is an atom the same thing as a molecule?
 Michael: no
  a molecule is made of atoms
 me: ok.
atoms are in a molecule. so what’s a molecule then.
  is that an element?
 Michael: no
  a molecule is a collection of atoms
  for example, hydrogen and oxygen are atoms
 me: then what’s hydrogen.
  wait i think you’re wrong.
  like …
 Michael: h2o is a molecule made of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
 me: hydrogen is an element
  and it’s made of atoms
 Michael: no
 me: god i’m so fucked.
  ok so yeah h20 is a colemule.
and an element is defined by how many electrons or whatever the atoms are right
 Michael: A chemical element is a pure chemical substance consisting of one type of atom distinguished by its atomic number, the number of protons in its nucleus.
  do you have a science test next period?
 me: you fuckin copied and pasted that.
 no i’m talking about cupcakes with jaclyn and it got me thinking about life and what we are all made of.
  and i’m gonna go make some meth.

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