Subway: eat whatever I guess.

Subway is one of the fastest growing food chains in the world.  I think in number of locations, it is second only to McDonalds.  Just because it is everywhere doesn’t mean it’s good.  The bread is lousy, the meat is thin, slimy and you never get enough meat to make a real sandwich, and the people who work there must be from some sort of halfway house for people trying to get accustomed with society after being in jail for a hundred years, since they obviously don’t know how to communicate with anyone.  But once in a while I will see a commercial for a new sandwich and think “wow, I really want to try that.”  Then I remember it will be crappy.  Here’s why…

5 Responses to “Subway: eat whatever I guess.”

  1. Jaclyn

    Thank you, Nadine. Someone finally had the courage to address this growing national problem. Subway is fucking disgusting. Their bread is the shittiest bread. Their meat is invisible. The. Worst. Fuck you, Subway.

  2. Jaclyn

    Also, I think your “actual” sandwich should have Xs for eyes and a triangle cheese tongue hanging out of it’s mouth, to indicate that Subway is dead to you.

  3. mero

    And that’s why we never eat at Subway. Also, you’re way too easily influenced by ads on TV.

  4. Tameeka Time

    LOL! I love this! and its so true!

  5. Kizzy

    I’ve been loving your little drawings!

    And I’m totally with you. My hubby looooooves Subway and I absolutely hate it. It never taste good to me. And I dislike the fact that you have to pick what you want. Just give it go me!


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