Shit I Do to Annoy People

On Sunday, I actually got called out on my shit that I’ve been sprinkling into conversation to just see if someone will call me out on being a lameass.

“If you say ‘hella’ again I am breaking up with you right here right now,” said my boyfriend to me in the garden department of Home Depot.
In emails with Jaclyn or conversation with others, I’ll drop in the word “hella” just to see if anyone will point out to me that I shouldn’t say that word ever.  No one has, until now.  After saying something was “hella expensive” Mike promptly stopped the cart, stopped walking and gave me the business right there in Home Depot that I was being a fucking weirdo and I better quit it.
Relationships can go through a lot of things.  There are rough times when two people go through hard things and stick together.  Some people even overcome things like trust issues and infidelity.  But make no mistake of it, Mike is handing me my walking papers if I say the h-word in his presence ever again.
Time for me to find a new word to annoy people with.

3 Responses to “Shit I Do to Annoy People”

  1. Jaclyn

    That’s hella bullshit.

    Also, sometimes Nadine says hoodrat shit, and as your friend I try to be accepting of that. If you want to know the one that annoys me, it’s when you say “Giiiiirl”, like you are on an episode of “In Living Color”. Please stop doing that immediately.

  2. Nadine Nell

    But I love to channel Shanaynay.

    Other things I say Mike hates that he threatened to break up with me this weekend: On Saturday when we got to Menlo Park Mall I started singing this:

  3. Petite Sal.

    He’s hella lame. Just let you be! Oh too bad I don’t live in the neighbourhood (or even in the same country lol) otherwise I’d teach him, verbally of course. He’d be so hella annoyed by me, you can say whatever you want! As long as you don’t hang out with me anymore lol!

    Loved the gif btw haha!



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