No Knife Fights At Work

I just asked my co-worker “Please don’t throw away my coffee knife.”

Once I speak my quirks out loud, I realize how strange I really am.  I stir my coffee with a plastic knife daily.  Out of all the utensils it is the longest, so it reaches the bottom of my big Starbucks travel mug the best.  No one uses plastic knives that come in an assortment of utensils, so I’m really keeping the ration of forks/spoons/knives even.  After I stir my coffee, I leave my coffee knife on a paper towel in the kitchen so it’s there when I go back for my second and third cups of life-sustaining caffeine.

My starbs mug.  It is tall, not Starbucks Tall but actually tall.

Yesterday my coffee knife was gone.  Today it was gone again so I was all “don’t throw out my coffee knife.” Like a weirdo.

Another thing I did today that was odd… I did this before anyone else was in the office.  I plucked a stray eyebrow hair from my face using a binder clip as a tweezer.  My fingernails just won’t pull out hairs no matter how hard I try.  I have to Macguyver some interesting things around here.

When we were getting ready to paint an accent wall here, I didn’t have a step ladder or an adequate chair to stand on.  We were filling nail holes on the wall with caulk or whatever the hell goes in them, but I couldn’t reach the highest one.  So I put some putty on the end of my ruler and stretched and it worked.  While painting, in one particularly tricky corner, I couldn’t get the step ladder into the corner, and I couldn’t reach with my paintbrush or the roller into the top corner by the ceiling… the roller would have reached, but it would have painted the wall and the ceiling adjacent, which I did not want.  So I taped two rulers together and then taped my paint brush to the end of that and got the job done.

I’m so innovative.

Being office manager and getting to decorate the office is fun.  We’re soon expanding into the suite next to us so I’ll have more fun projects like that to come.  Here are before and afters of the small space I got to work with.  Soon, on the blue wall, I’m gonna put logos from our company on there.

Before: with paint swatches on the wall to choose from
After!  Sp pretty! I picked out all of this! (except the Carry On sign, that was here.)

Look, you can see my desk.  And the awesome picture of NY I put up!

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  1. Bonnie

    So purdy! I’m glad work is going so well. Keep up the great work!


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