New Blog Home ! Giveaway ! Special !

Thanks to my boyfriend Mike who is starting his own small business/personal touch web design services for people at his new site Dimension Six Design, I now have my own domain, new layout, and have moved away from Blogspot.

I’m a difficult “client” by the way.

Mike:  What kind of website do you want?

Me:  I don’t know… something cool looking.  With pink.  And modern.  And round.  And thingees.

Mike:  …..ok, but what does that mean?

Me:  I don’t know!  Why don’t you know!  I just don’t know!

It was like getting blood from a stone discerning what kind of things I actually wanted.  All I could tell him definitively was that I wanted rounded corners, thingees that link to my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  Definitely check out my tumblr if you’re into weird shit.  I update that (reblog shit) on the daily.  And “like” my facebook page.

I mentioned I was going to do a giveaway, and this one is special and it is different.  To celebrate my new blog’s home, I want to personally crochet something for you.  Something little, let’s not go crazy.  I’ve been really into making these coffee sleeves lately and I will make one of those or some other small thing of your choosing … for 3 lucky winners.  I’ll pick a winner next week, so enter below and comment or tweet at me to let me know you’re in it!


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