Natural Beauty

Like many people these days, I try to cut out chemicals my life wherever possible.  I make my own household cleaners and try to eat things that aren’t that processed.  I have a mentality of “I do what I can.”  I’m not OT Level 8 Thetan Crunchy, but I try to live a good life however possible.  I try to not eat splenda, I use stevia instead, and I recycle things.  I grow some of my own herbs and save a lot of weird stuff I think I’m going to re-purpose into a craft.  This is kind of how hoarding starts, just one little craft table with empty yogurt cups, glass bottles and some soup cans.  Then I’m saving  bags of hair under my mattress and trying to pass off my “treasures” to Adult Protective Services as vital to my survival.

I love trying natural beauty recipes.  I have never gone the full throttle “no-poo” hair method long term because I am afraid of being dirty and greasy.  No-poo involves not using any shampoo, and cleansing your hair with a baking soda rinse and an apple-cider vinegar rinse for conditioning.

I also like to fancy myself some kind of scientist guinea pig test dummy for stupid shit I see on Pinterest.

I saw this article about using honey to wash your face, and I was skeptically intrigued.  I love honey and it’s healthy, healing properties are a godsend for me during cold & flu season.  I am careful about trying too many things out on my face because I have sensitive skin that is super acne-prone, so even thinking about a new skin regimen can make me breakout.  But my skin’s been acting pretty good lately so I figured I’d try out the honey thing.  The basic premise is to wash your face with honey.  That’s it.

So one Sunday morning I brought the honey bear with me to the shower and washed my face.  It felt OK.  Nothing huge to report, except that the scent of honey can be overwhelming when it’s all over your face.  There’s not much to say about this except I thought it would be stickier and it really wasn’t.  My skin looked fine afterwards.

Fast forward to the next morning when I’m ready to try this honey-wash shit again.  When I was done washing the day before, I put the honey bear on my window sill just outside of the shower, so I could grab it easily in the morning when I wash my face.  I opened the cap and ANTS.  ANTS CAME OUT.  This is how I found out that ants will come in my bathroom I guess if I leave honey at the window.  The window doesn’t even open, by the way.  These voracious little honey-hungry motherfuckers found their way inside a room with a window that doesn’t even have the capacity to fucking open.

Thus ended my brief fling with natural beauty honey facial cleansing.  Cetaphil it is.

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