My To-Do is Ridic.

I got a new iPhone 5 recently and I’m going to try out using Siri to help me do shit.

“Siri, remind me to…..”

-Listen to Wild Wild West
-Watch the Backstreet Boys Video for “Everybody” (need to confirm why it reminded me of the movie Casper)
-Buy Drano, again.
-Maybe buy better conditioner (see above)
-See if Scrubs is on Netflix, then watch hours of it (it is, btw.)
-Try that makeup thing from pinterest.
-Look at the back of my head when I get home.
-Record myself singing, confirm it’s awful.
-Water plants
-Use that groupon for mani/pedi
-order contact lenses
-see how to watch Lilo and Stitch since it’s not on any streaming video service I have
-throw away 8 king sized pillows without drawing unwanted attention
-shave big toes
-save and organize all my favorite tumblr gifs.

-make that sangria recipe from pinterest
-drink all the sangria and think about my horrid life
-text people and maybe send my ex boyfriend pics of my boobs.
-write letter to My Chemical Romance, urging them to reconsider, or at least check on Gerard’s plans for the future
-clean cat box or toilet train them.
-get more work done instead of bullshit blogging
-think of better blog post ideas

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  1. Katie Mack

    OMG, shave big toes! I thought I was the only one who needed to be reminded to do this! Funny!


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