My Birthday

April 17, 2011 – I am 29 now.

Today was my birthday.  I didn’t have a lot of grandiose plans, really.  Usually I make a whole spectacle of my birthday, but today’s plans were simple:  brunch with Michael, his mom and Foley (his best friend and sort of now my best guy-friend). 

This birthday started out a little difficult for me.  I ended up waking up early because of Mike’s snoring.  I was tired.  I couldn’t go online because the internet was down for no real reason.  I was pre-upset last night because there was something I was really hoping would arrive in the mail before my birthday, and it hadn’t arrived.  This morning, I just ended up very bummed out about that, about getting older, just feeling “off” in general, so after my shower I just went in the bedroom and wanted to cry for a while.  I couldn’t even place a name on “what’s wrong” when Mike came in and tried to see what was going on.  It was a lot of things I couldn’t put my finger on, so I know how silly it must have sounded to say “I’m tired and the internet’s not working.”

Brunch was faaaaaaabulous.  It was a beautiful day out and I had two mimosas in me, a cup of coffee and all kinds of delicious brunchables.  I had a nice time with three of my favorite people in the whole world.

Mike, Me & Foley
Me & Mom Marlene 🙂

After brunch, I was feeling a little “off” again, but in a physical sense, not emotional.  Something hurt… the lights were too bright… I couldn’t concentrate.  Happy birthday, it’s a migraine!  Mike and I were going to his mom’s house, so right before that I stopped at CVS and got some pills while Mike got me some Starbucks (a cold caffeinated beverage might help).   When we walked into his mom’s house, they both could tell I seemed not-right, and let me lie down for awhile.  I took a nap on my birthday, something I haven’t done since I was 3 probably.  I woke up feeling much better after that.

We spent the afternoon with his mom playing with her new iPad, had a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant and said goodbye for the night.  On the way home, Mike and I stopped at Target to pick up a few household necessities.  I got a Cherry Limeade at Sonic on the way home and that was that.  I ped-egged myself and put on some lotion, washed my face, took out my contact lenses and I’m going to bed soon.  It was a good day… I got a million Facebook birthday wishes, calls, texts and niceness from everyone today.  I might have felt crappy about the day to start, but that was just all in my head.  I had a very nice day.

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