Light the Jesus candle and pray for me.

The other day in my post of drawings, there was this photo and this caption:

This morning I had a dream that I threw up and then I wondered if it was real so I could stay home.

Let me make it clear, I never ACTUALLY want to be sick and miss work because of it.  I am dramatic about being tired is all.

But then… I started putting the pieces together… maybe if I was dreaming that I threw up… means I was sick.  Maybe I didn’t night-hurl but I bet I was nauseous while sleeping.

Tuesday night all hell broke loose and I actually did wake up in the middle of the night with all my bodily fluids needing to come out immediately.

I figured after that I could go back to sleep and be ok, but then an hour later it was back to the smallest room in the house to be sick again.  Repeat the cycle of puke, sleep, cramps, puke about 12 times and that was how my Tuesday started.  I thought I had food poisoning.

I think I have the flu.  Body aches and fever plus Web MD and prior knowledge of the flu make me pissed off. How do I have the flu in May?  Isn’t its time over?  This is some bullshit.  I don’t want any of this.

Jesus can come and take me.  I already look like a bloated corpse from bursting every capillary in my damn face.

In conclusion, my flu totally pales in comparison with having AIDS so I’ll stop bitching, and you can just donate to sponsor me in this Sunday’s AIDS Walk NY which I am still hoping to be well enough to participate in.

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