Lady Gaga: You Lost me on this one.

Lady Gaga’s new single “applause” came out this week to much fanfare, and all that fanfare coming from Lady Gaga herself.  I was obsessed with all things Gaga a few years ago, but she really just missed the mark on this song, honestly.  It’s not that catchy, it’s not an earworm, it doesn’t necessarily make you want to get up and Just Dance really.  I have a feeling Applause and this whole album ARTPOP is going to be one big ego-stroking flop.  Absence does not always make the heart grow fonder.  In this case, Gaga’s prolonged absence from the new-music charts has made her shtick old hat.

What really bothered me is how horribly she is abusing her loyal fanbase of Little Monsters to desperately get her new single to the #1 spot.  She’s cultivated a following, that’s for sure, and now she is manipulating them into spending money on multiple copies of her single to win a chance to meet her in person. The real reason she’s doing this and has been tweeting desperately like a scorned ex girlfriend?  So that she has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating out Katy Perry’s “Roar” on the charts.  The tweets speak for themselves…

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  1. Gia

    Hmmm….all valid points. I do like Gaga though, I’m hoping ARTPOP is less self serving than Applause. I guess we’ll seeeee


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