Just let me have my deathbed already.

I’m always sick.  It just won’t end.  I’ve caught every cold there is to catch this year and then I get well and within a few weeks, I catch a new cold.  My body is not being good at  fighting off the evil villians invading my immune system and this has just got to stop.  Going to a doctor is soon a possibility, now that I have HEALTH INSURANCE!  (confetti drops, Oprah shakes my hand)

it’s Take Your Germs To Work Day!

 It’s ridiculous, because I know better that a doctor can do nothing for the common cold.  Rest, soup, fluids, etc.  I know there is nothing that could help, but if a placebo will at least fake-work and trick my mind, I’ll pony up the co-pay for a magic drug that does nothing! 

I started thinking about it, and I’ve literally never been so sick this often in my life.  Not even as a grimy, grubby little child.  I start worrying a little, maybe my immune system just ended its tenure and I’m all on my own?  What if I have an ongoing infection?  Maybe that pain in my side is my kidneys and I have a kidney infection inside me?!

Or … more rationally…. I touch way too many surfaces in public, I work in The Big City now and there’s millions and billions of germs finding their way to me more now than when I worked in a small enclave in the suburbs where I came in contact with less than a dozen people each day.  Maybe I should wash my hands more.  Perhaps I shouldn’t touch my eyes/nose/mouth as much as I do.  It’s bad enough I have to actively tell my brain to forbid my hands from being a face toucher and stop popping zits, but now I can’t even pick my eye boogies, scratch my nose, make chinky eyes for no reason.  I’M GROSS! 

In conclusion, I need to listen to what my grandmother told me a hundred years ago, stop touching my face and putting my fingers in my mouth, wash my hands and take my vitamins.

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