Is this thing on?

Apologies for not writing in a while.  When my surge in blogging began, I had no job.

Now, I have a job!  Amazing!

It’s literally the exact description of the job I want.  I’m still trying to figure out the balancing act between adjusting getting back into the swing of things after being home for 4 months, commuting to NYC midtown daily and trying to figure out when I maintain my home/social life after this exhaustion abates.  I’m very happy, but very tired right down to my bones.

So that this isn’t completely void of substance, I will relay a few tales from the first week of my job.

On the subway after work, I noticed a really beautiful lady.  She was so tall, and had such pretty hair, long legs, nice clothes… big hands and an adam’s apple.  I know that trannies aren’t uncommon and I’ve seen cross-dressers and the like before, but this one had almost tricked me! He/she was so pretty.  I wanted to compliment him/her on how nice they looked but didn’t want to seem like I was patronizing, a creeper, or hitting on them.

Going home on a rainy day, I was riding the escalator down into Penn Station because I had a brief moment of foresight before of “don’t walk down the stairs – it’s been raining, it’s slippery and you don’t want to fall and hurt yourself and look stupid or miss your train from this.”  It was one of those brief, snap-decision thoughts really, but as I was riding down the escalator, the woman walking down the stairs directly next to me wiped out and skidded down the stairs the rest of the way on her ass.  I felt bad and knew that would have been me.  Because she reminded me of myself – a little wide-eyed, frizzy-haired and probably hoping to just get through the day without looking stupid.  I was the only one that stopped at the bottom to help her up and ask if she was alright.  I know I’m new to NY and not yet jaded, but I hope I don’t lose what little kindness I have.

Another piece of evidence on how naive I can be sometimes:  Looking for an image to go with this entry, I googled “subway tranny.”  Jesus.  Christ.  Jehova.  Save me.

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  1. shiggity

    See|? Behind the bitch exterior, you’re a big ol’ softie. And I love you for that.

  2. Kizzy

    I wish there were more like you in the world! 😉


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