Iron Willed Chef

Nothing helps your dieting resolve like watching food on TV. That’s sarcasm; food shows actually make me bitter because I can’t eat those things.

First and foremost, I am not Catholic. I did give up something for Lent though, because I like the idea of depriving myself, avoiding temptation and trying to add something to strengthen my resolve when it comes to weight loss. I’ve given up going out to eat for Lent. There are rules involved with this: No eating out at all, unless it is a legitimate special occasion (someone’s birthday, event or something for business). “Something for Business” does not mean that if someone wanders over to my desk and tempts me to order Japanese food that it’s a gimmee. No. Another rule: beverages do not count. Small snacks do not count so long as I am actually hungry and need something to hold me over until I get to go home for a real meal. That doesn’t mean I can just be at the mall wandering around and have a Wetzel Pretzel for no good reason. I’m talking HUNGER. Legitimate hunger.

Anyways, there wasn’t much on TV so I was watching Man vs. Food. It should be Man vs. Death because he is going to die young from acute food overdose. But it was some show where he was eating a monstrous cheeseburger, and it made my heart weep. I love cheeseburgers. I said out loud “But I LOVE cheeseburgers!” with so much sorrow that my boyfriend changed the channel.

And with that, I headed into the kitchen to cook up some Chicken Cacciatore from a Wegmans recipe. It smells like heaven in here, and I know at the end of dinner I will be much more happier for eating a delicious, home-cooked meal than going out for greasy cheeseburgers and fries.

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