I’m a Mom

Remember a few months ago I said I was pregnant?  Guess what, I had a baby!  She is hands down my favorite person in the world.

Meet my little girl, Elizabeth Dawn.  Born June 2, 2015 – 9:19 am.  20 inches.  7 lbs 15 oz.


So being a mom is pretty cool and it doesn’t feel real yet.  They seriously let you just leave the hospital with a baby, and the only terms are “do you have a car seat and did you buckle her in it properly.”  That is it.

Huge props to nurses.  L&D and post-partum nurses do so much.  They do so many very intimate and humbling things that now I really understand why people give treats to the nursing staff.  They deserve it so much.  I am thankful to the bottom of my heart for the amazing care I received while in the hospital from the kind nursing staff that absolutely went above and beyond the amount of care I thought I would receive for a typical hospital stay.

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