I Think About Zombies A Lot

My route to the coffee store on weekdays before work takes me down a road that bisects a cemetery.  Without fail, every single day, I am vigilantly on the lookout for just one creeping zombie as this place just has that still-waters-run-deep feeling that the zombie apocalypse could quietly start there, right in a boring town in New Jersey.

When you think about it, the likelihood of the Z.A. starting in NJ is pretty high.  We have a lot of pollution, a lot of Superfund sites, a ridiculous amount of chemical plants and most major pharmaceutical companies have a base of operations right here.  Every scenario for what starts the zombie plague could be fulfilled in my home state.

I try to imagine what I would do if I did see one of the undead rambling down a cemetery road on my way to get coffee  before work.  What do I do?  Do I call Mike and tell him to get on the next train back to home so I can pick him up and be safe or do I fend for myself?  Where do I go that is the safest?  Do I just keep driving, and if so, where?  Do I still get that cup of coffee?  I’ll probably need it.  Zombie Apocalypse Day is going to be a long day (if I’m lucky.)

If the Z.A. happens while I am at home, I think that my dwelling is pretty safe and secure.  My office is also very secure as well.  I don’t have a lot of weapons, honestly.  I have a bow and arrow set that I just bought, but perhaps I should invest in a pellet gun or something.  At the very least I should have more than 4 arrows.  On my home base, I really need to stock up on more emergency supplies of water, food, and prepare a bug-out bag.  I’ve been watching Doomsday Preppers and I think I want to get one of those plastic things that goes in the bathtub and gets filled with water for an emergency.

At work, we have 4 big jugs of water for the water cooler but very little food.  Half a box of girl scout cookies, an expired yogurt and a bag of coffee grounds and some milk & creamer.  Oh, and I have two Cadbury eggs on my desk, so there’s that.  This place would be safe, but definitely not a long-term staying option.

My grandma’s husband pilots a small plane so that could be an asset but it is also a huge liability traveling with the elderly during an emergency.  They are slow and weak.

I really need to come up with a better plan.  I’ve watched lots of zombie movies and don’t know specifically what scenario to prepare for, but I am of the firm belief that I could be the safest on a boat or an island until shit blows over.

What is your Zombie Preparedness guide?

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  1. Bonnie

    Its better to be stuck on an island rather than a boat. More ways to get water and food. For a boat you may run out of gas and be surrounded by salt water with no food. I clearly have watched wayyy to many shows of Man vs. Wild. P.S. I guess the Walking Dead really got to ya. haha


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