I am tired: an artistic interpretation

I have not been good at putting together words that don’t suck.  I write things, re-read them and then shoot myself in the face because I am as interesting to read as a shampoo bottle.  So, to change things up a little. Here are some pictures I drew that are about mornings, myself, and being tired as shit.

This morning I had a dream that I threw up and then I wondered if it was real so I could stay home.

Go to bed with straight hair, sweat in your sleep, wake up looking like Bruce Vilanch

Listen cat, don’t follow me into the bathroom if you’re just gonna get mad at how long I take to pee, wash my face and brush my teeth.  You’ll get fed when I’m damn well good and ready, fucker.

I’m pretty sure I am awake, but do I really “know” where I’m going or is this just automatic and what is life even about where is this?

No one talk to me ever.  I hate every word you will ever think about saying to me.

I’m so tired that I really just wish I could will the coffee into my body without having to go through the labor of lifting a cup to my mouth and drinking things.  Drinking coffee is harrr-erd.

Maybe if I put on upbeat music I will get pumped up?  No.  It doesn’t work.   Nicki Minaj, you were my last hope.

Then I got an e-mail from my boss that he won’t be in today.  It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can be less self-conscious about how tired and shitty I am.

Please note in my pictures I’m totally not fat.  The boobs are accurate though.  Let’s all make a prayer circle that this Monday goes off without a hitch, and that this triple grande latte gets all my adenosine receptors firing.

5 Responses to “I am tired: an artistic interpretation”

  1. Gia

    Hahah I love the pictures! Great job. I want more of these.

  2. Nadine Nell

    I can give the original post-it drawings to the highest or only offer. Offers of $0.00 are acceptable… because they are post-its. Hey Post-It People at 3M – sponsor me and give me more materials.

  3. Pickleope

    Doing the drawings on post-its adds another layer to the tale. I picture you at your desk scribbling…uh, carefully sketching your masterpieces.

  4. Nadine Nell

    @Gia – I could only hope to make great pictures like you someday. For now… post-it comics it is!

    @Pickleope – You have a great imagination that will take you across a thousand rainbows made of glitter and money. I was VERY carefully sketching, as there were some works of art that just did not make the cut.

  5. Bonnie

    The pictures are great!!! And yes, the boob size is definitely accurate. haha


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