Hello, Internet!

Just a quick little something to let you know I’m still here, haven’t abandoned blogging and will be back later today with one or several fun-filled posts about my exciting life!  Yeah!

I haven’t blogged much lately because I have that writer/comedian complex of whenever I start to write or do something, I end up reading it over, then think to myself “this is stupid and awful, why would anyone even want to read this anyways?”  Then I delete it all, throw my computer against the wall and abandon the internet. 

The other thing is that I’ve been really busy and overwhelmed with work and that has left me with little time to have any good, original thoughts.  I’ve also been busy with, ahem, personal issues.  Sorry to be so cryptic, but it’s almost resolved, and when it is, I will share that with you and also there will be a party and you can all come and buy me a drink.  I’m not joking.

Something else that has taken over my life is Oregon Trail.  I shit you not.  I was so proud of myself for quitting Farmville.  And then one day I see there is an Oregon Trail game on Facebook?  Sign me the fuck up!  I’m a trail master! I’m going back and forth from Missouri to Oregon City like it ain’t no thing.  Some people die along the way, sometimes we get dysentery, but all in all it’s a good time.  And not for nothin’, it doesn’t take up nearly as much time or effort as Farmville did, and it’s always a fun time.  And everytime I play, I name my wagon-train-people after a different theme.  Right now, I have the cast of The Office, and OH NO DWIGHT GOT BITTEN BY A SNAKE!  

Despite how crazy life has been or how overwhelmed I’ve been, I got some stories to tell and I’ll be back later to tell them.  Right now, I’m going to go wash this Proactiv Sulfur mask off my face and go out and get some lunchas.

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  1. Jaclyn

    Dwight would NEVER get bitten by a snake. That’s just unrealistic.


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