Gay is Natural

In freshman year of high school, I had a really great earth science teacher.  One of the biggest lessons I took away from her was that everything that happens on the earth, all the weather and volcanoes and earthquakes and ice ages … is a way of the earth trying to heal itself to bring it back to a form of stasis.  Everything is an equation and the earth is constantly trying to balance it out.

There have always been homosexual people and animals.  It’s natural.  It’s part of the natural equation.  Does it seem like there are more gay people right now?  Probably.  Is there a larger percentage of gay people in our population or is it just becoming more acceptable to be who you are in this society, as opposed to the dark ages when you’d be stoned for being a witch?  Maybe.

I have another theory though.  I’m not crazy though.

There are more gay people because the earth needs it.  There are TOO MANY PEOPLE on this earth.  TOO MANY FUCKERS FUCKING UP EVERYTHING ALL UP ON HERE.  The earth is overpopulated and we’re just hoarding more people, hoarding more greenhouse gases and hoarding more chemicals than the earth is prepared to rectify.  Gay people are part of the earth’s vibration.  The earth is making more gay people to try to balance out the equation of too many people.  More people of the same sex means a higher chance of more people getting together who can’t biologically make children together who are more likely to adopt the people we already have on earth that need care.  I know that gay couples, men and women, can find routes to have their own biological children and that’s great.  I just wish that being gay would be more accepted as a natural part of human society and that we can embrace that there are people, just regular people, who want to adopt children.

There is nothing sinister about that.  I am thoroughly disgusted by politicians in office or seeking office that gain momentum by declaring that gay marriage “isn’t natural” and that gay people raising babies isn’t right either.  It’s not just republicans.  Clinton was the one who originally signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.  Thinking something is “icky” isn’t a good enough reason to prevent people who love each other from being together.  Two guys having butt sex?  So what… how many straight couples have anal?  A lot.  That’s icky and there should be some sort of clause in marriage certificates that state “to have and to hold and never violate my spouse’s butthole” if we think that gay sex is so disgusting.

Gay sex is an abomination.  Don’t get it in my eye – Phil Hinkle, R – Indiana

Marriage doesn’t need defending.  It’s not some holy and sacred union.  I can get married while bungee jumping, while drunk in Vegas by an Elvis look-alike, in a shark cage, sky-diving or … heaven forbid… in a church.  There’s so much corruption of man, and so many of these horrible politicians who are vehemently anti-gay are the ones cruising for twinks on craigslist or getting blowies in airport bathrooms.

Be gay.  Be straight.  Raise children, have your own or adopt.  Do what you want.  Just be good to other people and stop being a dickhead already.

P.S. No wonder Perez Hilton loves drawing cum on everyone’s face.  It’s awesome!  I could do this all day!

3 Responses to “Gay is Natural”

  1. Jaclyn

    I love how your cock is all veiny. Very authentic. Also, I think I had a similar theory about overpopulation and gayness a few years ago. If you think about all the ways humans have evolved to protect ourselves from death and disease and eventual extinction, it makes PERFECT sense. Because if we keep going the way we are, the fucking Earth is gonna blow up or some shit.

  2. puravida

    Just so you know, I spit out a mouth full of coffee when I saw that picture.

    You made my day, although the detail of the pube hairs is a tad disturbing.

    Bravo Nadine…bravo.

  3. D

    I love the part about Perez an drawing cum… and i love that you loved it so much!
    P.S. – you draw better dicks than Perez!


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