Fuck ‘Em if They Can’t Take A Joke

I’d like to think that my sense of humor is my saving grace.  Being a funny bitch can get you through some tough times.  It can also get you into trouble.

For example, even if a kid’s mom think it’s hysterical and totally cool to post the following picture on Facebook, some people think it’s borderline child-endangerment and think that someone will call DYFS upon seeing it:

Party Rock in the House

Maybe I’m just white trash and don’t know it, but doesn’t everyone have a comical baby-with-a-beer photo in their photo albums, from the past and present?  Right?  Maybe I just have too many alcoholics in my family, whatever.  I know for a fact that in a family album somewhere there are at least two photos of my brother under the age of 5 with a can of Budwiser.  He’s not drinking it…. I think.  But that would explain a lot.

This year, my New Year’s Resolutions were two-fold, and not necessarily linked to one another.  One, be a better friend.  Two, be more of a bitch as necessary (not take people’s shit, aka Honey Badger mentality for 2012).
The first part of my resolution, I merely thought I’d just “be a better friend.”  I’d call people more, I’d keep in touch better, I’d send cards for no reason and just be a little more thoughtful rather than being holed up in my depression-cocoon and not even contacting people that I even like.  I did not anticipate that “being a better friend” would include keeping my bestie company in the hospital for days on end.  I’m not complaining about hanging out with Jaclyn, even though it’s in a hospital – I’M COMPLAINING THAT MY FRIEND IS IN THE HOSPITAL.  IT’S BULLSHIT AND NOT FAIR YO.  She’s had enough shit in her life, she doesn’t need to be sick.  Without sharing all her personal medical info, I will say she is doing OK, will get out of there in a few days and is bored out of her mind.  I guess stay tuned to her blog for more personal accounts of her adventures in the hospital.
The second part of my resolution was just to not give a shit.  I am sick of censoring myself because people get all butthurt over things like funny pictures, snotty comments or a sense of humor that doesn’t necessarily mesh with their own.  To convey to our friends that Jaclyn is doing OK (because if you’re well enough to fuck around of Facebook, you’re not that bad off, right?) we took this picture… then I hesitated on posting it because SOME PEOPLE might think it’s in poor taste.  But then I remembered to channel my spirit animal, The Honey Badger, and just post it.
Jaclyn:  Alive, giggling, etc.

So in conclusion, I’m a good friend and I don’t give a shit about people’s problems at the same time.

What’s for dinner for the next two weeks?  COBRAS.

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  1. Bonnie

    You are an awesome friend! Eff everyone else and their toxic venom!


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