Eat This not That

Things Weight Watchers wants you to eat daily:

If you say so, Dr. Oz. I’ll soldier on.
  • 5 Servings fruit/vegetables
  • at least 2 servings of low-fat or fat free dairy
  • 2 teaspoons of a healthy oil
  • whole grains
  • lean protein
  • 6 glasses of water
  • multi vitamin

Things Dr. Oz wants me to eat daily

  • Nuts or almonds
  • 5 servings fruits/vegetables
  • whole grains
  • fish (3 times a week, like tilapia, salmon, flounder, cod and mahi-mahi)
  • tomatoes (antioxidants like lycopene)
  • water
  • red wine
  • milk
  • multi-vitamin

Things I want to eat daily:

No whip and skim = totally a serving of milk.
  • french fries
  • bacon cheeseburgers
  • raspberry mocha latte
  • cupcake
  • brie

Things to never eat

Don’t ever eat. Ok, maybe once a year.
  • fried oreos
  • fried anything from the fair or the shore
  • turducken
  • fat sandwiches, or any food called “fat” or from a store called “fat”
  • delicious buttery crust pizza from Chicago Uno Grill.

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  1. Jaclyn

    Now I’m hungry. For bacon cheeseburgers.


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