Curls – my review

About a month ago, I posted how I bought the Curls products at Harmon to see if they would work for me.  I really want to be able to have a better relationship with my naturally curly hair and to make it easier, less work, more wash-and-go ready.  My scientific plan was to use the Curls products for a month or until it ran out and then think about my hair during that time.

In all honesty, it just wasn’t for me.  My hair didn’t react well to it, it needed to be washed more often and looked oily faster.  I didn’t find that it helped my curls any more than a “regular” shampoo.  The creamy curl cleanser didn’t feel like it cleaned all that much.  The pros?  The cleanser and conditioner smelled fantastic, like a coconut-frosted dream.  The gel is pretty good with good hold, curl definition and not being crunchy. 

So now what?  I sought out new hair products because my current ones weren’t doing it for me.  I didn’t like the new way they reformulated Pantene products.  Today I picked up Tresemme curl shampoo, conditioner and mousse and I guess I’ll check back in a month and see what happens.

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