Are you there, Xanax? It’s me, Nadine.

It seems like I will go through phases where I will be all proud of how I can consistently blog for a week, and then I’ll be silent for two months and apologize and swear I’ll write more, but come on.  I guess we’re done with apologies now.  It’s a horrible guilt cycle, a week will go by, I’ll feel bad, two weeks, feel even worse.  Then a month and I think “wow, no one even asked where I disappeared to?”

Here’s the deal though.  I got an iPhone and now it’s my life and I don’t need any of you fuckers any longer unless you play Words With Friends.  If you do, my username is Shoebootie and we can have a beautiful relationship together.

Why haven’t I blogged much lately though?  It’s simple… I’m busy.  And crazy.  It’s not just writing in here though that I’ve been bad at – I don’t even keep up with my “real” friends much either lately.  Jaclyn is the only one who I keep up with on a regular basis, but that’s because we work together and I have to see her ass every damn day.  If I skip lunch, she comes looking for me. 

Things also started getting a little too real up in here too, writing about where I lived and whatnot.  I’d gotten as far as writing my 3rd installment of my “Home” series when I decided I couldn’t post it.  It’s too serious and emotional and even just reliving those memories, writing them again, brought me to a sad place.  I have issues 🙁

Not trying to get too “real” over here, but dealing with those issues (I’m divorced, I got a dead dad, an alcoholic mom, weight issues and a slew of other shit… let’s just say “I have a demon inside me” and leave it at that for now), I admitted that I needed help and I am on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication.  It’s helping.  It’s lifting the fog where I can kind of see that I’m not a waste of a person and I should try to be more awesome.  BTW Xanax = super great unicorn glitter sex in a pill.

So with all that in mind, I’ll wrap up my series on where I lived by saying this:  In the last 10 years, I’ve lived in 8 or 9 places and I’m moving again next month.  My boyfriend and I are moving out of our very nice apartment to an even nicer one.  What can I say, my twenties have been a very nomadic time.  This by far has been my favorite place I’ve lived.  It’s very nice here.  I can’t wait to make our new home feel like a home.

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