April is Here!

Why is April so awesome? The weather gets nicer, flowers start blooming and it is my birthday month! This year I get two birthdays, sort of. This also means two occasions for ridiculous overeating (…and drinking…) under the happy umbrella of “BUT IT’S MAH BIIIIIRFDAAAAY.” I’m getting two birthday-days because my best friend who absolutely must be apart of birthday shenanigans has her in-laws flying into the country from Peru on my actual birthday (I know, the nerve. It’s my special day.) so we are having a get-together a week before. This Saturday. Going to have a nice dinner out in Little Italy with some of my friends.

April 30th is the last day of The Biggest Loser competition at work. I’ve gone up and down, not always being consistent, I will admit. I’m currently down 9 pounds since the start of the competition, but down 16 pounds all together from the day I looked at the scale and said “oh no. fat.”

Not much else is going on. I need to work harder to be less fat. My boyfriend started being a little healthier like 1/2 the time and did the same kind of things I did in one week regarding eating and the gym and he lost 9 lbs on accident. I gained half a pound. Grrrr….

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  1. WendyStarr

    Good on Mike for trying and I hope he keeps going strong. I hope you aren’t going to stop once the contest at work ends too!


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