About My Hair

My hair…. is naturally light brown or dirty blonde, curly, often frizzy, thin.

My hair… is currently dyed blonde, highlighted, sometimes curly, sometimes I straighten it with a flat-iron.  Less frizzy since I’m using Lisa Rachel Cleansing Conditioner (similar to Wen).  My curls aren’t so great anymore though since I color my hair, and after my foray into straightening serums last year when I did Matrix Opti-Smooth cold process.

 My curls aren’t the same and they’re not as great.  I try to love them, but they’re not loving me back.  I have more bad hair days than good it seems.  I really want to have good curls and love my hair the way it is, but it’s been months now trying different things and nothing is working.

It’s also been a few months that I’ve been considering getting the Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment.  If you don’t know what that is, it is a semi-permanent straightening process that is ideal for people with damaged, frizzy hair and for people who color their hair.  Here is some verbage from the salon’s website that I’m considering getting this done:

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment at Hair Collage in NYC

A gentle & friendly treatment that has top celebrities embracing it!

Nicole Richie and Halle Berry are just two of today’s hot celebrities who have embraced the Brazilian hair straightening treatment! The Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment – rich in keratin, amino acid and botanical extract acai, is the way to rid of your frizz. The active ingredient –keratin, fills the gap in the cuticle to add shine and strength, which naturally straightens the hair.

Because it is formaldehyde-free, it reduces the level of toxicity. It does not contain the chemicals- sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate – that are found in most straighteners which

can cause damage and breakage.


After a clarifying hair wash, Keratin solution is applied onto your hair in sections prior to hair being blown-dry. Using a professional ceramic hot iron, the stylist seals the solution onto the outer layer of the cuticle sticking to the cuticle’s rough edges, trapping moisture and hydrating the hair. Hair is then rinsed and a neutralizing mask is applied, then blown-dry and styled as usual. This leaves the hair silkier, glossier and the look of lighter weight.

For Who?

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment works best on hair that is frizzy and unmanageable. It is also

most suitable for those who has recently and will regularly color, highlight or chemically treat

their hair.

How to make your treatment last longer:

■Do not wash or wet your hair, or pull it back for the first three or four days

■Only wash with sodium sulfate-free shampoos
I don’t know what to do…. The keratin treatment wears off, so it’s not like it is something that  I will have to touch-up the new growth.  A friend who’s had this done says her hair was more manageable after the fact, after it had worn off.  Curly websites/salons have warned against the brainwashing of the straight-hair phenomenon, but are they just looking out for their best interests?  I like my hair straight, I like my hair curly, and this isn’t forever, but I still don’t know what to do.  Someone help!

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