30 Day Blog Challenge: Day Two

Day 2 – A photo of something you ate today.
Pizza Before
Pizza After
 I made homemade pizza today!  I made sauce from Mike’s friend’s blog, Saucy Little Dish.  Making sauce from scratch is so worth it.  The only way I differed from the recipe was adding more honey than 1 tablespoon, and I hit it with an immersion blender after I cook it so it’s nice and smooth on the pizza.

My pizza dough is not homemade though.  Wendy says it’s really easy, but I always just buy a ball of dough from the store.  My toppings of choice?  Turkey Pepperoni (under the cheese), mushrooms, onions and peppers.  It’s a supreme pizza, indeed.

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  1. Tameeka Time

    Drool… i want a slice!


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