30 Day Blog Challenge: Day Seven

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

I’ve slacked off on this challenge, eh?  Is it supposed to be each day for 30 days or just as I remember to do it?  Anyways here goes.
I’ve been married before, it was nice.  I had a nice wedding.  I’ve learned from that it doesn’t matter how nice your wedding is if your marriage turns to shit.  Focus on the marriage.  A wedding is just one day out of your life.  It does not matter if everything goes right, wrong, matches or whatever on that one day.  If you want to have a happily ever after, you need to focus on all the days after saying “I do.”

With that in mind….

My dream wedding is just something that will be so super pretty, contemporary-modern-chic.  I’d love to have cherry blossoms, and David Tutera, and be skinny and Mariah Carey.  Also my dream wedding would be magic in the sense it would be outside on the beach but also be super comfortable as though it were air-conditioned.  

A Few of my Favorite Things

2 Responses to “30 Day Blog Challenge: Day Seven”

  1. Jaclyn

    I bet if you were Mariah Carey you could get them to air condition your beach wedding.

  2. puravida

    At my reception, my sister-in-law cursed out the owners of the venue, and then threatened to burn the place down.

    This is what you get when you tell your Brooklyn, Italian in-laws to travel to a a quaint town in Pennsylvania for a wedding.

    My next book should really be about them (BTW, still married…but got rid of the dress)


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