30 Day Blog Challenge: Day One

My buddy Tameeka over at Tameeka Time is doing a 30 Day Blog Challenge, and I’m game so here goes.

Day 1 ā€“ A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.
Me today.
 How was my day?  It was ho-hum.  I took a sleeping pill last night and it made me extra groggy today so I slept late.  At 9:30 am I heard the cat yowling at the bedroom door, but I decided to just tune him out since I knew he had food and water and mama needs her beauty sleep.  At 10:40, I gave up.  I was still very groggy, and something in my groggy mind said “he’s probably trying to tell me someone is knocking at the door.”  That didn’t make a lot of sense.

“Groggy” is the defining word of my day.  I felt like I floated through everything, lifeless.  I made Starbucks Iced Coffee and it came out great.  It perked me up a little bit, but I was no where at 100%.  Around 1:20 I noticed the red recording light was not on the DVR and got angry-level-red that Grey’s Anatomy was not recording on Lifetime.  I turned on the TV to see what the hullabaloo was, and apparently there was a Project Runway marathon on.  That was OK with me.  I ate leftovers from the previous night’s dinner (half a piece of chicken, cornbread, corn on the cob, baked beans) and watched one of my favorite seasons (how much did you hate Gretchen?  A lot.)

I took a shower and did my hair routine.  Then my stupid ass thought it would be good to sit outside for an hour to let my hair air-dry.  This sucked so much.  Like most of America, it’s motherfucking hot as balls in Jersey.  Just stay inside… it hurts to breathe air.  It’s so hazy.  It’s hazy at night, how is that even a thing?  It’s damn near 90 degrees right now and it’s been dark for hours.  I can’t live in this world.

Around 5:00 I got hungry like the wolf but didn’t know what I wanted to eat.  I’d had ice cream earlier and wasn’t hungry for a snacky-snack.  I couldn’t tell what I wanted so I ate 2 string cheeses and some crackers with Laughing Cow cheese on it.  I dicked around on my phone, played Tiny Wings, and then made up a meal plan and grocery list for later in the evening.

Mike and I got dinner at Panera before shopping at Wegmans.  That store has what we affectionately call IPH:  Indian Power Hour.  This seems to be any hour we are there.  Indians all up in Wegmans.  Buying a shit-ton of milk.  Why so much milk?!  So many gallons!  We did all the shopping, loaded up the car, came home, carried all the shit in and put it away.  Excitingly mundane, oui?  I’m glad I have all the dinners planned out for the week.  Tomorrow I’m making sauce and pizza again from Saucy Little Dish.  I’m also going to make some Hungry Girl thing for breakfast.  

Well that was my day.  Boring as shit.  Tomorrow I’m staying inside.  I want to go to the pool, but if it’s lava hot outside, I’ll just sit in the bath tub instead.

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  1. shiggity

    I hated Gretchen so much.


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